août 19, 2016

In this kind of vintage swimsuits replica.

juillet 10, 2016

In this illustration of Pierre Le Tan.

In this typography.

On the water of this cover.

In this team picture.

On their shoulders.

In Robin Kegel.

On this denim pants.

Around his neck.

On her head.

In these colors.

On his tee-shirt.

Inside this famous book of course.

On this incredible photograph.

Near these stones.

Around her wrist.

In this plant.

In this simple combination.

In these colours.

In this seventies style.

Everywhere here.

In these hiking bums.

At this place.

In the 90' topless monokini trend.

In this very rare car.

juillet 03, 2016

On his shoulders and his music.

In this kind of toy.

In these colors.

In his hand.

In old transistor.

In this kind of blue.

In this hat sometimes.

In lemons, the ananas of 2016.

In this vintage camera.

In this punchline.

Everywhere here.

On these transats.

In this kind of notes.

In this retro fan.

In sea-stars.

On this cap.

In these summer cheap towels.

In this buckle belt.

In this white overall.

In this color.

In this pair of Vans.

In this plant.

On her shoulders.

In this kind of stuff.

In his position.

In summer suit.

In her socks.

In crowded sunshade beaches.

Not on her ears.

In 90' erotic imagery.