avril 14, 2014

In Gauthier Borsarello.
Most of the people that I respect in the world of style, elegance and taste are 
experimented guys who live inside since more than twenty years.
It's time to give the floor to the young people now!  
With Gauthier, who knows as much in vintage than in bespoke,
the future is assured!
Here is his selection.

Everywhere with Nigel Cabourn.

Around their wrists.

In Cifonelli suits forever. Lino knows it.

In traditional nautical tattoos.

In the amazing work of Jean-Joseph Carriès.

In every pieces designed by Poul Kjaerholm.

In this fabric.

In vintage chambray shirts.

Around your waist with an original WW2 Garrison belt.

During your cold nights with this amazing Pendleton Chief Blanket.

In Hans Wegner designs.

In the constant and simple elegance of Le Corbusier.

In Vincent Van Gogh works, especially the shoes..

In every notes composed by Maurice Ravel.

With your friends at home with those cigars.

And thoses glasses of Lagavulin.

In his mind, believe me...

In this fabulous watch made for Paul-Emile Victor.

Around your feet with these New Balance made in England.

In the Wu-Tang Clan.

avril 09, 2014

Near this button.

In this typography.

On your head with this cap.

In the colors of these flowers.

On this studded belt.

Inside these books.

Everywhere on this girl.

In this Alden x Frans Boone.

In this trail shirt made by Batten.

In this guy from les Puces de Clignancourt.

More and more in colored hair.

In this beautiful illustration.

In this perfect combination.

Everywhere on this guy.

Inside this swimming pool.

avril 07, 2014

In the duel between Jacques Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor.
Anquetil aka "Maître Jacques"was always the leader and Poulidor aka "Poupou"was the eternal second but his sympathy and generosity in the effort catapulte him at the first place in the heart of the frenchies.
a famous french director of the Nouvelle Vague who covered the Tour de France in 1962.
Have a look of the fitting of the different jerseys, the typography, haircuts, gloves, shoes etc... 
What a stylish sport!