juillet 07, 2014

I hope in this playlist that I made with the help of Marie.
This is the number 10 and surely the last one, so make the most of it
during this summer!
Here is the link to download it.http://we.tl/vFALAqqNla

juin 30, 2014

In Francis Cazal.
Francis is a good friend since a long time now, even before his first obsession about Ivy Style
when he became a kind of reference via his blog Greensleeves to a Ground.
Today, Francis is a lazy writer but it's the only one who can combine a polka dot tie with a striped shirt and a pocket square inside a vintage double breasted on a pair of spectator shoes, without doing any mistakes.
Here is his selection.

in André Perchicot's outfit in oct 1912.

In Ladage & Oelke's amazing shop.

in Patrick Johnson.

in the 1920's villas of the Hotel Ana Mandara in Dalat,Vietnam.

In the andouillette sandwich of Le Petit Vendôme.

In the photographer Leslie Jones.

in the printed suit of this grammar school boy 1926 by August Sander.

In the safari inspiration of this vintage Ralph Lauren ad.

In the team of Bistrot Belhara.

in this colonial and tropical shop in Hamburg.

In this combination.

In this district of hamburg called Blankenese.

In this perfect sportswear outfit.

In this scene of The Waltz Emperor.

In the caricatures of Leslie Matthew Ward "Spy" for Vanity Fair.

In the rare Barbour Ursula jacket.

In this 1919 illustration by JC Leyendecker.

In this picture of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on their way to the Everest.

Inside your violin if it has the label of german violin maker "Jacobus Stainer".

juin 25, 2014

In these buttons.

On this table.

In this series of pictures shot by Rafael Stahelin.

In hawaiian serenaders.

In this mexican ring sold by RRL.

In this illustration.

Everywhere here.

In this type.

Near this guy.

Inside this watch.

In vintage cocktails.

In this kind of scientific drawings.

In pink Mc Donald's packaging.

On her legs.

In this boy, of course.

juin 19, 2014

In Frans Boone store.
Last month, I went by bike from Paris to a little city named Suis 
at the frontier between Belgium and Netherland.
Frans Boone was waiting for us and show us his incredible shop, 
all the good brands were here! 
After that, Frans advises us to go for a lunch at De Eetbooetiek to celebrate
our purchases... 
Boglioli, Brunelo Cucinelli, John Smedley, Merz B. Schwanen, Pantherella etc...